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Singing Dishes

Washing dishes sucks.

If I was spending time with practicing how to play a musical instrument for the same time as I was washing dishes

in my whole life, I could have a concert tomorrow. 

I'm already annoyed, but what can my mother say? Or my grandma? 

And now, when somebody asks me to write a 20 second song, I cannot answer  "mmm.... no, I can't do it... but, look, I ate from clean dishes in the past 9 years... that's also impressive..."

No... I will make music. With the dishes.

I asked my jazz singer friend, Julia Koffler, to sing me 12 samples of Bombombomboms, similar to the ones in the Mr. Sandman song.

She wrote 8 bombombomboms and 4 bomboms. (you see? I have no clue about music.)

Then we asked two of her other friends to sing them too.

Meanwhile I asked my developer friend, Christian Kokott, to help me with some Kinect stuff. He saw that I'm in panic, and liked the project,

plus he is amazing, so he jumped into coding. (and we don't even need the Kinect.)

1. The sink is divided by a grid to 12 parts. 

In each rectangles there are 3 song samples,

one sang by Julia, one by Elizabeth and one by Atrin.

2. A webcam tracks where my gloves are

(by color tracking)

and tracks the color of the dish as well.

3. According to in which area I'm washing my dish,

and according to which color the dish has,

the software chooses a song sample to play. 

This is how it works:
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