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I'm a human. You are also probably one. 

The most important for me is the set of humans I'm surrounded by. 

It is also quite important to share knowledge or experiences, create together, so we might become better humans at the end.

Or something.

That's why communities and organising events became an essential part of my life. 

Creative Code Budapest

founder since 2018, Budapest

I got used to the constant flow of inspiration to my brain, as there are so many art-tech related exhibitions, meetups, workshops in Berlin on the daily basis.

Well, in Budapest it's not working like this. As I could barely find the events that are related to my interests, I decided to start

a meetup, which is aiming to find the cool art-tech faces of Budapest, form a community, inspire each other and share knowledge. So far we had 6+4 meetups and 1 workshop, and it seems to be going somewhere. Luckily, people are nice.



My mother is a teacher. Her father was a teacher. Teaching appears from time to time in my life, and I really enjoy doing it. 

I've been co-teaching Basics of Architecture and Residential Building Design in the Budapest University of Technology.
At the Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg, I've been helping Dan Verstaendig in the Creative Coding and Coding Literacy class, and now in the Creative Coding class. Our next workshop is about Errors. 
I also gave workshops about VJ-ing, or drawing with ink, or how to feel slightly less awkward in virtual and non-virtual spaces. I hope I'll have the chance to keep sharing knowledge and inspiration.


School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe

2016-2017 intern, since community member

The School of Machines is an independent school about humans, art and technology.

I went to a random meetup about Bugs and Machines, because I didn't want to be afraid of the spider in our bathroom, and finally I found my nest in Berlin in the School of Ma.

I started to work here as an intern, I took part in all the classes, I created designs for the school, helped with organising the events and the courses and became a part of the schoolofma community. I got most of my knowledge and skills and inspiration of the past years here. So if you are curious about what's going on here go to

VJ Open Lab

cofounder 2017-2018, Berlin, Spektrum

I participated in the first Wir brauchen Women Vjs series of workshops in Spektrum, and after the workshop a few of us decided to keep learning VJing together. So we founded VJ Open Lab, a monthly meetup based in Spektrum, where we exchange ideas and knowledge about the live video field.

The meetup as several forms, mostly we combine presentations with improvisation sessions.

We also perform sometimes together, for example last year at Transmediale CTM Vorspiel.

Science Hack Day

participant 2017, 2018, Berlin


This is an event, where I'm only a participant, but this is one of my favourite things in the year. It's a weekend when artists, scientists and programmers gather together, pitch their ideas and work on them together.

Last year I pitched my idea, to Make the sky blue again (as in Berlin the winter is hardly bearable with the grey sky), and we created come really cool glasses with my team. This year I joined a team, where we worked on Robert's idea, to make a Gender Pay Gap Clock, which goes slower according to the gender pay gap. 
All our projects are open source, available here.

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