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at A MAZE. 2017 Berlin

The Brain 3 – Story Lab is a temporary interdisciplinary work and exchange hub in Berlin for game creators, vr designers, digital artists, writers and storytellers initiated and funded by the the Institut français Deutschland and the Polish Institute Berlin in partnership with


Selected artists from Poland, France and Germany are invited to the workshop of potential literature. Morphing literature and interactive media together with the question of how do we experience and work with the written word to create immersive storytelling in the future and fill technology with desire, passion and emotion. The artist in residence is inspired by the quote „Game Designers are the poets of the 21. century.“ by Thorsten S. Wiedemann.


In the third edition The Brain - Story Lab we like to explore how story can evolve within virtual reality and how we will read and can experience text and literature in the near future. The results were showcased a A MAZE. / Berlin - 6th International Independent Videogames Festival on April 26 – 29, 2017.

This is how it looked like from the outside when somebody was playing the game too fast: 

This is a poster to show the visual world of the game. We still wouldn't call our project finished, so we are postponing documenting it all the time... 

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