Self-Confidence Generator

We made this project with Lilla Turi for the Scientific Students' Associations, the brief was "Recycling". 

How to use it?


1. Enter the generator


2. Push the button


3. Wait until the level of your self-confidence

reaches it's maximum (you can follow this on the LEDs)


4. Think


5. Come out and do something really cool with

your increased self-confidence!

You can read our presentation about it here:

Have you ever felt that you have a wonderful idea, but you are afraid to tell it to anyone, because they would laugh at you?

Would you like to recycle your old and already forgotten ideas?


The R2L self-confidence generator solves all your problems.

Our life is getting faster and faster and we prodce more and more waste. Recycling is the solution for this process.

It happens when you realise ENERGY in something which was already put in it and you don't let it to be wasted. You do something NEW with it.

It's not only true for the material world, but also for intellectual world. We get a lot of information everyday. The culture, science, religions, news, jokes. 

After filterint all these things, we create our own thoughts, ideas, and we can make new things of these. The community develops,

if this kind of CREATION happens again and again.

Every creation is an engagement.

To create something new, you need to be stable, you need self-confidence. You have to believe that you are not just a user of the world, but you can add something new to it.

You can't get this stability from anyone else, it's your decision.

What's the problem?

The cognizable world is getting bigger and bigger, and it's getting harder and harder to find our place in the world. 

We build our identity of other people's feedbacks. We are socialized this way, if other people say that you are important, then you feel yourself important. Our motivation for creating and working is compliments, which doesn't help to improve or use you creativity.

What's more, it's impossible to fit to everybody's expectations, because all of them are relative and completely different.

The solution could be a MACHINE which tells you, that you are good enough to create something new. 

It's objective and it makes these complicated relations much easier.

This is how R2L was born.


So, does R2L Self-Confidence Generator solve all your problems, and does it make you confident enough to do awesome things from now on?


No. Of course not.

Only if you think it over, as we did.