Hey, welcome! It's cool that you are here!


I'm Rita Eperjesi, a Berlin/Budapest based Hungarian

new media artist/art director.


What I care about the most are humans, technology and ideas. And the combinations of these: 

ideas moving humans. humans connecting to other humans. machines making better humans. robots generating ideas. 

I also like shiny textures, bubbles an clouds.

If you scroll down, you can find what I've been up to lately.











Remnants: Kind Acts of Cruelty

ongoing project

With my class we are working on a website and an interactive installation to raise awareness about microaggressions. You can see our installation at 48 Stunden Neukölln and in Sehsüchte in the summer. Trailer about the installation here.


@Anna Eschenbacher @Jacky Lai @Zainab Tariq @Denise Bischof @Ellina Nurmukhametova @Klara Otto @Júlia Koffler @Félix Römer @Florian Kempf @Marie Scharnagl 

I've been resposible for the art direction of the website, designing the installation, and I took a big part in the concept, project management and the UX of the website.


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Creative Coding

since 2020. November

I started working with Dan Verständig in the Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg. I help in teaching creative coding by creating openProcessing tutorials or designs for events like this and being funny at the classes.

How to feel slightly less awkward in virtual and non-virtual spaces @A MAZE.

July 2020. 

Fanni Szilvás is a psychologist, I just simply feel terrible in many situations.

This was a guided brainstorming session about the topic of awkwardness, as we believe that if you pay more attention to little things that might make other humans feel awkward, you can design better experiences. Event here.


48 Stunden Neukölln x Trial&Theresa

June 2020. 

This festival of celebrating my favorite berliner neighbourhood has gone digital this year. With our VJ collective, we tried to adapt to the situation, and organized a group show of 5 collaborative projects.

Our project, “Nobody is watching” was an artistic experiment, an exercise in picture consequences on film. 6 humans sent each other one video per day without knowing what others saw before them. It was such a joy to play with these women!



Superhero factory!

May 2020. 

An interactive website to say thank you to our everyday superheros. A project with Péter Kormányos and Máté Borkesz.


Creative Code Budapest website!

February 2020. 

We have a website! Now you can check in one place what we have done so far with Creative Code Budapest. Huge thanks to Dániel Péger and Zoltán Szalay! creativecodebudapest.com


The new design for UP Advertising just came out!

January 2020. 

It was very exciting to work as an art director on repositioning our agency and redesigning its look! With Bence Bodnár, Éva Szombat, Amália Nagyillés, Jácint Goneth, Rózsa Dobozy. Thanks for the trust! up.hu

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ADCE Creativity Europe Festival - High Potentials!

October 2019. 

I got selected to present the Virtual Poetry Book project at the festival in Barcelona as part of the High Potentials section.
I didn't know that you can get overinspired, but I did, which is great. A new project is coming out from this soon! 

Creative Code Budapest updates!

November 2019. 

I don't want to post all the meetups here, eventhough each of the events are important part of what I do. So here is a little summary of the meetus in 2019. And the exciting news is that we started to produce  our own podcasts as well! Yay!


The VR Poetry Book project got exhibited in French Institute Budapest

September 2019. 

Random Error Studio gave a workshop about VR and I also gave a talk about the project. 

By the way, huge thanks for Levente Markos for the sound design and Random Error Studio for the development!


Shortlist at Cannes Young Lions competition! :) 

June 2019. Cannes, France 

We represented our country with Gábor Ott at the Digital Cathegory of Cannes Young Lions. We had a day to come up with a solution for a brief, and present our work in front of the jury twice. 

Our work got selected into the shortlist, which means it was in the best 10 works.


Common Knowledge //Creative Code Budapest x smART! XTRA 

April 2019. Budapest, Hungary // Trafó

We organised an event in Trafó to discuss how to build communities around art and technology. I also gave a talk, and shared my thoughts about meetups, Budapest, code and creativity. Link here. 


Winning Cannes Young Lions Preselection in Budapest! 

April 2019. Budapest, Hungary 

With Gábor Ott, we won the preselection competition in Digital cathegory in Hungary. Now we have the chance to represent our country in the international competition in Cannes! Go to Advertising in this page if you want to read the whole presentation. :) 


Creative Code Budapest #3 is coming soon!

29. November 2018. 

Link here to the event!


Gender Pay Gap Clock at Science Hack Day Berlin 2018

November 2018. @Team: Robert Richter, Kerstin Franzl, Stephanie Albrecht, , Valentin Fuchs, Mohanad Turifi, Rita Eperjesi

To show how much more women have to work than men in order to get the same amount of money, we create a clock showing their perspective of time: During the working hours, from 9 to 5, this clock is going slower than usual clocks,

indicating that when men leave their work place at 5 pm women still have to work to get the same payment.

Link here to learn more!


Winning New Stars

2018. August  // Busan, South-Korea

With Dániel Trencsényi we got the Gold prize at Ad Stars' New Stars Competition. We had 30 hours to come up with a creative solution for a brief, our project "Soul, grooming" happened to be the best. :)



the Cloud Factory at Cotonfioc Festival

2018. June  // Genova, Italy

I showed my installation at the festival. I think it was the perfect spot for it, the middle of the garden of a former madhouse. I'm very happy I could meet all these beautiful people there.



Arc Artist Residency - The Spring Thing

2018. June  // Romainmotier, Switzerland

I was lucky to participate at the Spring Thing. With 25 other artists we have beendoing an artistic research about the topic of how to show artistic research to others.











World VR Forum

2018. June 7-10 // Crans-Montana, Switzerland

With Meredith Thomas we applied for Crans-Montana's VR Residency, which we didn't get, but they liked

our project and we got invited to pitch our project called Mind Palace to investors at the World VR Forum.











Zur Anderen Welt

2018. February 7. // Kim Bar, Berlin

My VR project "the Surface" will be presented as part of Zur Anderen Welt. Details here.











ECHO-Systems CTM Vorspiel

2018. January 23. //  Spektrum, Berlin

"Water does not wash water" is a collective audio-visual performance by Cirrus (that's me), Jana, Liudmila Kartoshkina-Siewerski, VAV, and WasDeferenz. More here.  // I play from 23.23. It's my first performance ever.











Make the sky blue again

2018. November 21. //  TU, Berlin

I pitched my idea to make Berlin's gray sky blue again at Science Hack Day Berlin. Suddenly I found myself surrounded by enthusiastic and talented people. You can check what we did and how here.











Arc presentations: Conrad Willems & Rita Eperjesi

2018. October 18. //  Romainmotier, Switzerland

We gave an informal presentation of our 3-week research residency at Arc. Event here.












2018. October 12. //  Mousonturm, Frankfurt am Main

With Thorsten Wiedemann we presented the project Nowosphere as part of the program of Frankfurter Buchmesse.











a Virtual Reality Poetry Book

2017. October //  Romainmotier, Switzerland

I started working on this project at Arc Artist Residency. You can see how it is developing here.











Creative VR/AR 6

2017. September 17. //  Spektrum, Berlin

I gave a talk about making a social VR experience. It was fun. Event here.











Oculus Medium Game Jam

2017. August //  VRBase, Berlin

I got invited to participate in the Game Jam organised by Oculus Medium. Our team created a VR detective game during the weekend. It's not released yet, but you can see a video about the game jam here.











Closer: An Evening of Virtual Reality Experiences

2017. July 27. //  School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe, Berlin

Our four-week program Closer, an exploration of social VR practices, is coming to an end. Come experience what we've been up to!

And check my project: the Surface. 











Make Some Noise: A School of Machines Community Showcase

2017. June 17. //  School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe, Berlin

This is our first community group show this summer at ACUD. We are showing our project with Christian Kokott: the singing dishes. 











This is a Hungarian breakup

2017. June // Berlin

I applied for a scolarship called the Kennedys. We had to come up with creative solutions for several tasks.

One was to make a one-take video which has a cactus, ski boots, a musical instrument and a bucket in it. 











mood gradient

2017. June // Berlin

I applied for a scolarship called the Kennedys. I answered their question "How are you?" with an app. 

Thanks for the wonderful Christian Kokott for programming. More here












2017. April 27-29. // Urban Spree, Berlin

We are showing Nowosphere at A MAZE! Slightly more information here. 











The BRAIN3 - Storylab 

2017. March // Polish Institute, Berlin

I got selected to work on a VR experience for a month with Brice Dubat and Jan Cieslar. Check what we are up to here.











Ask something  

2017. March // School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe, Berlin

As part of Transmediale and CTM Vorspiel, School of Machines organises an exhibition called Asked something, where all the visitors and their answers are parts of the artworks. Go through my installation and than go on